Twitter Adds a New Function to its Home Tab Feed on iOS!

In today’s world, everyone and everything has to keep evolving in order to stay relevant. So, why should Twitter stay behind? It was reported a couple of days ago that the social networking service made a change to its Explore Tab on iOS and replaced the search icon with a hashtag symbol. In case you are unaware, the hashtag symbol already represents the Explore Tab on so the change was due.

Now, we have got another change on Twitter (and a possible reason behind why the search icon was replaced). Social media app researcher Matt Navarra (who heard through Renz Bernardo) tweeted about Twitter adding a search button (represented by the search icon) at the top-right corner of the home tab feed on iOS.

By the timing of these two additions, we can assume that Explore Tab’s icon was changed to avoid any sort of confusion with the newly introduced search button. The search button, according to the screenshot shared by Navarra, will allow users to search anything on the platform.

Although users are terming the changes as "unnecessary" and claiming that there are a lot of other important things that Twitter should be focusing on instead, addition of a search bar on the home tab can be helpful.

Twitter Adds a New Function to its Home Tab Feed on iOS!

It isn’t clear whether the change has been rolled out publicly or it is just showing up randomly for specific beta users for testing purposes. Guess we will have to wait to find that out!

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