Facebook makes an Interesting Change to the "Add to Story" button on User Profile!

Over the last few months, the Stories feature on both Facebook and Instagram has gained quite a prominence. The Social Media giant has been investing a lot in the feature lately to get the users to develop interest in it and use it as frequently as they use other commonly used features on the platform.

Lately, Facebook has made an interesting change to the “Add to Story” button that can be spotted by users on their profiles. Social media consultant Matt Navarra posted a tweet recently where he mentioned about Facebook changing the label of “Add to Story” button to “Create”.

Although this change doesn’t seem to make much sense as of now or have a whole lot of purpose behind it, it could be a psychological trick on Facebook’s part to lure in its users to try the “Create” button and gain access to the Stories feature. Casual users can come across the button and judge it initially as a post creation button and once they try it out, they will become aware of what are Stories and how they actually work.

In case the “Add to Story” button still exists on your profile, it is best to update Facebook or wait until the change fully rolls out.

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