There’s a change in Facebook’s slogan that shouldn’t go unnoticed

Facebook is a platform known for its unique services and products. This platform has changed the perception of social media for everyone. With the launch of Facebook, people started relying more on social networks as compared to the past. Facebook offers a huge number of features and opportunities to its users that make the users rely more on its platform than ever.

Facebook ditched its previous slogan from the homepage

Since the launch of Facebook, we’ve always seen a tagline “It’s free and always will be” on the homepage of Facebook. If you take a look at the homepage of Facebook, it encourages people by displaying that the services are free and always will be but we guess not anymore.

Facebook used this slogan for more than a decade to build trust among its users by displaying the fact that it's not charging any money.

Recently, Facebook’s head of global affairs Nick Clegg compared the business model of Facebook with businesses like Apple which generate revenue based on the sale of expensive tech but due to being surrounded by privacy scandals for so many years, the personal information of users is more exposed now as compared in the past. It is the user data that helps Facebook to sell targeted advertising.

This change in slogan might be a way to display another form of business model

According to a lawyer named Jose Antonio Castillo, Facebook was never free. Data is worth a lot of money and Facebook has been using user’s personal data as mode of currency since the beginning so it was never free and will never be.

In May, the European Parliament passed a directive that stated exchange of data as a mode of payment and the change in the slogan of Facebook without any sort of warning might be a result of that directive. The slogan of Facebook stated “It’s free and it always will be” but if you take a look at the terms and conditions they may contradict the slogan.

Facebook ditched it’s always will be a free slogan for the first time after more than a decade. The previous slogan on the homepage of Facebook was to encourage people to sign up as the platform is free and we think the removal of that slogan might be an indication that the platform may not be free anymore.

Facebook changed its slogan between August 6th and August 7th. If you take a look at the Internet archive sites you might notice that the old slogan was still visible on August 6th and on August 7th the slogan changed from “It’s free and always will be” to “It’s quick and easy”

Bottom Line

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms that engages billions of users on a daily basis. The change in the slogan of Facebook without notifying users was a shocking act but we think behind this new slogan there’s a chance that Facebook is trying to aware people that it uses Facebooker’s personal information as a mode of revenue so it’s not so free like people think.
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