Is Twitter ignoring its Trust and Safety Council members?

Members belonging to Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council feel that the social media platform ignores their insight on many matters of the company. The report was published last week by Wired where they revealed that the members sent a letter to the leadership at Twitter addressing their concerns.

One of the primary issues faced by the Council was the lack of transparency. According to the reports, the members claimed not to get updates regarding policy and product changes. In fact, the members found the protocol embarrassing when the media enquired as they did not have any prior warning or knowledge about the changes happening at Twitter.

Twitter created the Trust and Safety Council in 2016. The group consists of more than 40 members who work on ways to ensure user’s safety.

In response, the company’s spokesperson retaliated and said that they are committed to working with each of their partners to ensure the safety of their users is not compromised. However, the company said that the letter does not indicate the views of each member but they are working on ways to improve their communication.

The members have asked for a discussion with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to discuss the fate of the council.

Photo: Prakash Singh/AFP/Getty Images

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