Google Play Store’s new policy is meant to secure its users from malicious apps

Nowadays we depend on so many social media platforms to engage with a variety of audience. Google Play Store is one of the largest hubs for all sort of Android apps but along with such huge variety also comes a lot of malicious apps in disguise. Over the past years, a lot of users complained regarding malicious adware apps operating as beauty cams.

Recently, Sameer Samat, VP of Product Management, Android & Google Play, hinted that Google will take more time to approve apps. Now, with the new policy, Google is making it harder for the adware software to enter Play Store at all.

An app developer of Google Play Store recently revealed that it takes approximately three days for the apps to approve whereas during earlier days the apps were often approved within 24 hours. This news from the Choice of Games’ blog post confirms the developers that Google will take more time to review apps and approved later to protect its users.

If you submit an app in the Play Store, you’ll receive a notification regarding the time it will take to for the apps to approve. This approval also depends on the reviews and feedback of the developer’s profile, we think users with trusting apps in Play Store might face less review time as compared to newbies.

This news has both negative and positive response from users. Android fans like it because it will help secure their devices with trusting apps only whereas developers find it as a hurdle to wait for the app to get approved.

A more secure platform for Google Play Store users

This new policy by Google is a new step to make its platform more secure from all sort of malicious apps. Now users will feel a lot safe while downloading new apps. Although this step can help reduce the risk of adware apps there are still so many apps roaming in the Play Store.

This new policy by Google means that its taking notice of all the adware and data privacy violations app and is making sure to clear the platform from these fake operating app to help reduce the risk of a user data breach.

Why is this new policy a hurdle for Android developers?

Some Android users still believe this new as a scam because there’s no official update from Google itself (however, Jacob lehrbaum, Director of Android Developer Relations has confirmed the news in a Reddit thread). Many app developers work on the deadlines and schedules in a detailed manner and Google only announced the approval time after the user submits the app. This means that developer will be unaware of the time it will take Google to approve and this can disturb the schedule of developer’s deadlines for the users who were expecting their app to be approved within a day. This new policy can also be a trouble for the big companies who financial data depends on the workflow and this unknown delay in approval can cause a big problem. Some beginner developers tend to rely on these apps for their source of income and this new policy can affect that as well.

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