Facebook is Reportedly Adding an "Official" Groups Feature to Workplace!

Groups are an integral part of the Social Media Platform that we know as Facebook. Groups help in bringing together people with similar interests, hobbies and goals. Groups have undergone a lot of changes over the years and it looks like Facebook’s internal collaboration tool Workplace is also turning its attention to and realizing the benefits of well-structured groups.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra (who heard through Social Media Expert Ahmed Ghanem) recently posted a tweet in which he said that Workplace is rolling out an “Official” groups feature anytime in August. Navarra also attached a screenshot with his tweet showing how an Official group will be labeled as one.

As mentioned above, Workplace is Facebook’s take on an internal collaboration tool such as Glip and Slack. Companies and Businesses pay on a per-user basis to launch their own private networking workspaces. Through it, employees can create groups and posts and communicate with other members about the business that they are a part of. Many well-established businesses including Starbucks are using Workplace.

Thus, when the above mentioned factors are taken into account, introduction of an “Official” groups feature will likely prove to be a game changer and help improve the communication structure of the team.

Much isn’t known about the new feature and perhaps, we will have to wait for official announcement to get more details and feedback.

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