Do you think your digital assistant conversations are secure and scam-free? Well not anymore!

With every passing second, technology evolves. A variety of companies work to provide unique and new services to its users. The new technologies make users rely more upon devices due to their unique features but sometimes all it needs is a few second mistakes and these devices can be hacked.

Hackers found a new way to fool people with digital assistants

Recently, Better Business Bureau (BBB) revealed a new strategy used by hackers to access people’s financial information. Apple, Google, and so many other devices have digital voice assistants enabled to ease users for daily tasks. Sometimes we get stuck with so much work that typing on the device to search for a contact can be annoying and to ease different companies introduced the feature of digital assistants to help with our daily tasks. Now scammers take advantage of this feature to fool users with fake assistant calls.

Last week, BBB raised this issue that if a user wants to contact any company, that person asks home smart device assistants to find the number on the internet and dial it. Hackers create fake company numbers and sponsor it so that it comes on the top of the searches. Now when Digital assistant searches for a company number on the internet and search engines these fake numbers come on the top.

This issue was raised when users complained about odd questions from the company’s representatives. Some insist to pay by wire transfer or prepaid debit card while other representatives ask to access the computer or ask you to go to an unknown website. According to BBB, scammers use this strategy to access to user’s personal information and some also succeed.

How to avoid this scam?

We all have hectic routines but it only takes a few seconds of laziness to let any hacker access our devices. So, sometimes depending too much on Digital device can be risky. To avoid this kind of scam to happen, you can simply avoid asking Digital assistants to make the call. Whenever you want to call a customer support line for any bank or financial institution always visit the official website yourself and dial the number. Digital Assistant’s doing all your tasks can be very helpful but this can also lead to various scams and the only way to not let that happen is by doing financial or personal information related tasks yourself.

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