The most talked edit button of Twitter is nowhere to be constructed soon

Twitter is a platform that provides freedom to its users in all ways possible. The team of Twitter always tries to bring unique services to ease its users. Although Twitter is a platform with multiple opportunities but users still face a lot of difficulties on the micro-blogging network. This platform is also unique due to its active response to the complaints of users. A lot of users complained regarding the lack of edit option for tweets. Sometimes it is auto-corrected and sometimes our own unintentionally typos that make us write wrong content in the tweets and the only option to correct it is by deleting the tweet and uploading the right content again. So the users started tweeting on Twitter regarding this issue and to request the team of Twitter to construct an edit button for user comfort.

Recently at a press event in San Francisco, the team of Twitter released information regarding its workings on new updates and multiple new services for its users. Along with the release dates of new features Twitter team also disclosed regarding the most talked issue of an edit button. According to the team, this option of edit button is not to be expected anytime soon. This edit button is not a top priority at all, maybe Twitter will think to provide this feature at some stage but right now it’s not even under consideration.

According to the team of Twitter, this feature of the edit button can also enable bad actors to tweet and change it according to the situation. This can result in some serious risk for the to enable this feature for users, Twitter will provide a similar feature to edit and correct a typo mistake but with less risk of threats at all.

The Twitter team in the press event also discussed the new feature that is under the testing phase right now can enable users to even follow topics of their interests in the same way they follow other accounts. This means users can now see tweets regarding their specified topics by following them.

Twitter is the platform known for its services and active response to users. Although the edit button is not prioritized for Twitter right now it knows what’s best for users more than the users itself. So stay tuned, Twitter will for sure bring this feature in a more secure way.

Photo: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

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