Is your smartphone replacing the home internet system?

Most people cite the number one reason for not having home broadband is that it’s too expensive. Additionally, around 17% of US adults claim to be ‘smartphone-only internet users.’ this means that they own a mobile device but have not equipped a high-speed internet connection.

The recent survey by Pew Research Center also reveals that a quarter of the respondents reported having slow download speeds that caused them not to purchase broadband. A recent Recode report also shows that around 8 percent of US population does not own the broadband system while Microsoft claims that nearly half of the US population does not have access to broadband.

Some other key points from the survey include:

· 45% of the survey individuals say that their smartphone does everything including connecting to the internet

· 22% find problems with the service or speed of broadband

· 43% have other options besides ‘home-internet’ system

For Some Users, Smartphones Act as a Home Internet Stand-In

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