Amazon’s Alexa May Soon Be Able to Gauge Your Moods

Each year, tens of thousands of people commit suicide, and they do it for a wide variety of reasons. For some people, suicide is the result of chemical imbalances in their brains that lead to feelings of hopelessness and sadness, and in certain situations serious trauma can end up manifesting in suicidal ideation as well. It is fair to say that suicide is a pretty serious public health crisis, but the problem is that there is sometimes no way to help people that are suicidal because of the fact that suicidal tendencies tend to result in self imposed social isolation and the like.

Alexa, Amazon’s all in one personal assistant device, may be able to help with this pretty soon. According to the chief scientists behind Alexa, Rohit Prasad, Alexa may soon be able to use artificial intelligence to know whether you’re happy, sad or angry. The way this AI would function would be by listening to the tone of voice with which you are speaking and comparing it to tonal fluctuations that are commonly associated with extreme emotions. Using this process, Alexa will be able to figure out what your mood is currently like and potentially help you to get out of such a mood all in all.

The primary purpose of the development of this tech has to do with the high rate of veterans that commit suicide after coming back home from the war, but the fact of the matter is that the applications of such technology are quite widespread and can be used to help treat a wide variety of mental illnesses and the like, all of which are having quite a serious impact on the world we live in.

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