Looking for the best colleges? Google is here to make sure you get into the right one

Google is one of the biggest platforms with the most accurate and dynamic search engine. The team of Google is spreading all over the world to make sure every user get the most relevant data possible.

People pretty much rely for all sorts of services on Google and the tech giant ensures that they get the most relevant data to the query.

Google’s new expanded college search feature is all meant to help users explore fields of study. We all rely on search engines to find anything we need, from buying products to looking for the best college. Sometimes it becomes difficult to search the perfect college according to the budget and location needs etc. This is where Google comes to the rescue.

For the first time, Google is covering not only just 4-year universities but also two-year colleges. It’s almost the month of September and it’s pretty late to search for colleges now but you should definitely take a look at Google to boost your spring semester search with its college search features.

There’s a new explore tool on desktop and web version of Google that helps to find US schools according to the desired fields of study and location of students. This new tool includes a combined format of search where user can easily search the desired field of study program within the required location. This new tool can also help users to compare the cost and post-school success and can also help filter the search more based on the distance, acceptance rates, and many more similar search options.

This Search option is now more vast and covers two-year colleges in the US and four-year universities as well. The results of this search will help users to know about the total cost including in-state tuition, books, housing so that users can easily select according to their budget. For the people more interested in four-year school can also find popular related programs and certificates.

Bottom Line

Google is known for its unique services to bring comfort for the users. This new Search tool is meant to help students in all fields of study to choose the best college according to their budget and location. In other words, this new tool by Google is here to make sure you get into the perfect college you desire.

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