YouTube Launched Topic Filter For Android to Give More Control to the Viewer

YouTube has been a game changer for everything, from entertainment to marketing it has challenged the biggest companies over the year. The company has been very busy launching successful ventures and new updates including YouTube TV reaching Amazon Fire TV and launching new user interface for YouTube. Company has not only successfully made all these updates and features possible but the company has not neglected its Android app either. YouTube has now rolled out the topics filter that will help the users to make their research more precise.

On opening the Android YouTube app, the user will see the top of the screen with pill-shaped icons, these icons are labeled. The icons are basically filters or categories that will help the user with searching for videos that will appear on the home suggestion page. While scrolling through the home page viewer will be able to see the popular topic first and then other videos. Formally, the home pages showed relative researches and were assembled according to the previous searches of the viewers.

This filter is great news for people who find themselves watching irrelevant videos just because it appeared in their recommendation. Previously YouTube had an algorithm that would show the users suggestions and recommendation to consume more time and help them to stay on the app. However, with the help of this filter, YouTube will become a helpful platform for learning and entertainment. In case users have just found a new hobby or new interests, the filter will help them to see videos related to that interests. Now the viewers is not required to search with the help of specific keywords and topic, the filter will show the relative videos on its own.

This topic filter is a great addition to the already long list of content based filters that YouTube already has. These content-based filters include “up next” filter which helps viewers to determine if they want to watch the upcoming video or to skip to something more entertaining. The topic filter was first announced by Google-owned platform last month and now users can experience this filter on their Android phones. The real question is; how will the users react to this exciting new change.

Screenshot: Xda-developers.

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