How Ads Are Targeted On Facebook? The Social Network will now Share More Details

Many of the users are curious about why Facebook is showing them a certain advertisement. The company is bringing ease to them by introducing new changes in “Why am I seeing this ad?”. Sreethu Thulasi, Project Manager at Facebook said that according to feedback, many still find it difficult to understand or navigate through Facebook’s answer of why they are showing ads.

Two new changes are brought about by the company. In the first one, when a user clicks “Why am I seeing this ad?” in an advertisement, detailed information will be given.

Previously only one or two reasons were given but now the information will be shared. It will show demographics, websites visited, interests or categories that you interacted with that goes with the ad.

A clear data will be provided that which information was used, like maybe some site you visited, to display the ad. Options will also be given in case the user wants to change their experience.

Facebook also released a video that explains what factors played a role in creating the targeted ad, like interests, location, websites visited and demographic information.

User will be allowed to adjust their interest or click “what you can do” that will let them either block ads from that advertiser or control the personal data that is shared with third-party companies.

Facebook will be telling about businesses as well that are uploading your data. A list is separated into two parts, one will show all advertisers that have uploaded your information in the list in the previous 7 days. The second part will show businesses that have put you on the list in the last seven days and then given that list to advertisers to use for ad targeting

There are many privacy tools that are ignored by users and the same could happen with this one. However, people who are curious and wants to do something about it can easily follow the process.

Recently, Facebook has taken many steps to make the platform more transparent after going through a tough time. Now, its upon users how they make use of it and whether take full benefit of all the options available or not.

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