How Your Personality Is Impacting Your Finances (infographic)

Your personality impacts how you make decisions in almost every area of your life. Your career, relationships, study habits and everything in between are impacted by your personality. It can also affect your wallet in a big way!

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a renowned self evaluation test that helps you identify your personality and how you perceive and interact with the world around you. Once you understand your personality, you can discover what drives and motivates you from within.

While your personality isn’t the end all be all, it can affect your decisions a lot more than you may have originally believed. It’s great to understand your decision making process so you can pivot when needed. For example, good money habits can be taught so even if you are prone to irresponsible financial decisions, you can train yourself to get better and resist these temptations.

Your “money personality” is your Myers-Briggs type in relation to your spending, saving, and investing habits. Your money personality can predict whether or not you will pick up the bill when dining out with friends, go on a shopping spree or set limits on yourself, or how you will make big purchase decisions.

Learn how to embrace your money personality below:

Dedicated Stewards

These personalities are self motivated and practical. They seek security and safety in their financial decisions.

ISTJ: The Analyst
Known for being analytical, decisive, and stable, this personality type should take the occasional risk outside your comfort zone.You should also seek out advice from a trusted source such as a financial advisor. Don’t let small downturns discourage you, you’re in this for the long hall.

ISFJ: The Protector
Dependable, practical, and thorough are three words to best describe an ISFJ. If you’re a protector than you should plan to set realistic financial goals to lessen the pressure on yourself, offer your knowledge of finances to teach a friend and embrace change.

ESTJ: The Organizer
This money personality is assertive, fact-drive, and practical. Likely to invest in stock options and do your research ahead of time, this personality should test out different strategies to find a process that works best for you. You should also plan a future that fits your needs and set both realistic and aspirational goals to work towards.

ESFJ: The Supporter
Supporter’s are orderly, conscientious and empathetic. You have lots of financial and business success in your future, so make sure to pursue leadership opportunities that come with a high salary price tag. Set money aside for an emergency fund and don’t overcommit by spreading yourself too thin.

Wealth Builders

This money personality type is easily inspired and value experiences over practical spending habits.

INFJ: The Visionary
Visionaries makeup just 1% of the population! This highly successful personality type will benefit greatly from seeking advice from an advisor. They should also celebrate small victories and make a pros and cons list before big financial decisions.

INFP: The Helper
Compassionate, Idealistic and Inquisitive, the helper will spend all their money on helping others if they’re not careful. If you fall into this category, make sure to link financial goals to your personal values in order to get fulfillment out of saving. Focus on taking care of yourself first before you help others and also take financial setbacks in stride.

ENFJ: The Leader
Leaders are cooperative, tactful and harmonizing. As such, they should be wary of opportunities that seem too good to be true and avoid inaction by planning out next steps.

ENFP: The Dreamer
This personality type is optimistic, imaginative and future-oriented. In order to make rational financial decisions, it’s important to separate your emotions from financial decisions and set days of the month to review financial decisions.

Wise Analysts

Wise analysts are by nature responsible financial decision makers. They are driven by thinking and lead with intellect.

INTJ: The Strategist
Strategist’s are logical, independent and determined. If you fall into this category, channel your ambition into long-term goals like retirement. Also strengthen your strategies by seeking a second opinion from time to time.

INTP: The Thinker
If you are a thinker, you’re likely very complex, curious and objective. Make sure to challenge yourself to take an active role in your finances, stay on track by automating regular payments and challenge yourself with difficult financial goals.

ENTJ: The Planner
Planners are naturally great at saving money. You are likely systematic and critical in your thinking, so make sure to give yourself some breathing room and indulge every once in awhile. You should also be wary of finances and stubbornness impacting your relationships and practice patience to achieve long term results.

ENTP: The Inventor
Inventive, theoretical and change-oriented, this money personality type is built for challenges so start investing in the market today! You should also set micro-goals to stay on track.

Bold Explorers

This personality type is quick, flexible and passionate!

ISTP: The Experimenter
This money personality is known for being adaptable, observant and adventurous. If you are an experimenter, try sparking your inspiration and curiosity by reading finance books and blogs.

ISFP: The Artist
Artists have a bad rep in the financial department. Your loyal, spontaneous and modest so make sure to set aside a portion of your paycheck to build up your savings for the long term. Also invest in your passions to make saving feel rewarding.

ESTP: The Risk Taker
Efficient, easygoing and active, the risk taker may have a little too much fun on the stock market. Make sure to analyze big decisions before you make them and monitor your spending when you’re out and about with friends.

ESFP: The Socialite
If you’re a socialite, then you know how easy it is to get caught in a spending frenzy! Your enthusiasm, hands-on personality and openness make it easy to attract friends and bills. Learn how to say “no” and use an app like Mint to set limits on entertaining expenses.

Your money personality is more than just the amount of money in your bank account. Your spending and saving habits reveal a lot about who you are as a person. Check out the infographic below (courtesy of Mint) for even more insight into your money personality and discover whether you need help budgeting or could use some investing advice. Keep reading to learn more.

What Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Means for Your Wallet:
What Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Means for Your Wallet - infographic

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