The flaw in VLC Media Player makes user privacy vulnerable to all kind of threats

People often use a variety of software to ease in their tasks and various companies focus on providing unique and easy to use various apps just to bring more comfort in the lives of its users and to create a unique image among the competitors.

In the era when technology was evolving with the internet, VLC was launched. It is one of the largest software that consists of users ranging from Desktop to mobile users as well. It is operated on Android, iOS, Windows, 10 mobile and Windows phone as well. With this software, people can easily use various audio and video formats and listen to it without having any sort of problem at all. It is a highly compatible media player with more than 3.1 billion users from all over the world.

Flaw in VLC- from a revolutionary software to a product with various security threats

Recently, a German cybersecurity firm CERT-Bund discovered a flaw in the most used VLC Media Player. With millions of users from all over the world, the vulnerability in VLC makes it a “HIGH (level 4)” threat for the users.

The exploit in VLC not only enables hackers to release any virus but also allows access to unauthorized information and modification of user’s data. The critical flaw discovered by cybersecurity experts make users worry about their data privacy because, with this exploit, the data can easily be breached. This kind of exploit can make VLC a platform for all type of hackers to access and misuse any user’s data without any need for authorization.

The response of VLC Media Player

Although VLC announced on its website that a fix is under constructing phase at the moment but it displays that only 60% new update is complete and there’s no report about the duration it may take to fix the bug.

According to CERT-Bund, there are no reports regarding any attack by hackers due to this exploit but to stay safe users should remove VLC from their desktops and mobiles until a new fixed update is officially released. In this digital world, there is nothing riskier than the threat to user data so for users, it’s best to just not use VLC for a while until it’s officially in the clear zone.

Beware! Critical Hack in VLC Media Player Discovered

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