The Rise Of Virtual Hangout Spaces

If given the choice, what would you really prefer; doing the effort to meet a friend in person or interacting with them through some app? While it all comes down to personal preference, global stats show that people are actually in love with the idea of virtual hangout places and the endless features the platforms are incorporating along to make it more personalized and fun.

To back the claim with proofs, last month alone, 60% of users (excluding China) were more engaged in watching videos on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. Majority of them belonged to a younger age and almost all of the videos that they watched were tagged in the category of entertainment. Although the future seems a lot more videos-related but in a relatively different way.

In 2018 alone, another trend that saw rapid rise throughout the millennial generation was video calls. The demographics showed that with improvements in the speed of the network and how smartphones are coping up with the demands, video calling is becoming the new favorite thing of students rather than professionals only.

While the aforementioned details are not enough, gen Z, which is undoubtedly going to set the trends of 2020 are on the same bandwagon but by evolving it for good as well. They are currently enjoying the wave of new video calling services like Houseparty & Squad, in which you can interact with people who are across the town or country, by just being anywhere.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the latest generation are shifting to new frontiers of communication in the world of social media which we have always deeply wished for - where the networking platforms get submerged with exciting entertainment and the end product is turning out to be magic for all such users.

This power of such content based networking platform is reflecting in another recent survey which shows that almost half of teens now play Fortnite and when asked about the reason, they told that it assists in being in touch with their friends for a common purpose and provoking the feeling of teamwork in them as well. 40% even felt that Fortnite had improved their communication skills too.

However being lost in all these stats, you still would have a choice. It doesn’t matter how personal or exciting the virtual hangout spaces become, they still cannot beat the essence and bonding one gets to share in person with each other. But at the same time it would be interesting to see that will video calls thrive or will there be another new trend?

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