Fake Samsung app scamming millions of Android users

We live in an era of technology, where we pretty much depend on everything on these devices. With technology upgrading, every day different companies try to introduce new products to make them stand out in front of competitors. Different companies focus on making the lives of their customers easy by providing best possible services on these devices. We evolved a lot over the years from landline phones to cell phones in a pocket.

Although there are numerous smartphone companies but the most popular is Samsung. People love Samsung devices for its user-friendly interface and unique features including good quality camera, touch screen, etc. Samsung tries to ease up their customers by providing a friendly and easy to use interface. Along with that, the core focus of Samsung is to provide a unique device that makes their firm stand out in the crowd of different competitors.

Recently discovered fake Samsung app

Although Samsung usually brings software updates of its device in built-in settings, some people find it difficult to operate according to their version of devices. Recently, reports emerged regarding a fake app named “Samsung update app” which pretends to bring firmware updates for its users.

Workings of this fake app

The fake Samsung app promises updates for Samsung phones and has been installed by more than 10 million users. It promises updates for Samsung devices but instead, it redirects them to an ad-farm that charges money to download the update. According to CSIS Security Group, the app offers an annual subscription to download Samsung firmware for $34.99 and the payment isn’t handled through Google Play Subscriptions. This app also offers to unlock any SIM for $19.99; you have to put down your credit card number for it.

Updates for Samsung — from a blog to an Android advertisement revenue goldmine of 10,000,000+ users

Although it has been reported to Google to take it down. The Samsung company has also been contacted but there’s no update on that yet.

Fake apps like these can not only mislead you to get your money but they can also put your privacy at risk by collecting your private information. The information can be leaked to third parties and used for some illegal purposes. These bogus apps can also insert different viruses in your phone and can affect it permanently. Google needs to step up its policies of the Play Store to clear out these kinds of spams and scams as fast as possible, to help make the lives of its users more safe and secured.

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