Is Twitter tallying your tweets?

According to social media consultant Matt Navarra, Twitter will be keeping tabs on how many tweets an account makes. As per the screenshot shared by Matt on his official Twitter profile, the micro-blogging site will count the number of tweets posted by a specific account in the past hour.

Apparently, the numbers would only be visible to the accounts you don’t follow – perhaps to show potential followers the accounts that are most active. The feature is currently rolling out to several users and is expected to fully launch in the near future.

A Tweeter Rasta commented on the feature that, "Doesn't seem like a feature the account holder benefits from? Maybe a stalker or troll? So you don't even have to follow to judge accounts."

However, this makes us wonder how will an average Twitter user benefit from the feature. Watch this space for more updates.

Twitter shows how many tweets an account posted in last hour

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