Indeed's 2019 Report of Top 10 AI Jobs And Highest Salaries is Finally Out!

Like every year, Indeed published a report analyzing the tech industry’s top artificial intelligence (AI) jobs and highest salaries. There was a considerable increase (29%) in the number of AI jobs as compared to last year’s report. Although the actual number between jobs and appropriate candidates wasn’t revealed by Indeed, it can be said that there are more postings available than seekers.

Thus, the opportunity is there for AI engineers to utilize. A list of top 10 AI job roles was also prepared.

According to the list, the most in-demand AI job is that of a Machine Learning Engineer in terms of salary as well as postings. It is followed by Deep Learning Engineer and Senior Data Scientist but the requirements for all these jobs are almost the same.

Machine learning and deep learning engineers rule the top 10 AI jobs list

In case you are unaware of the role of a Deep Learning Engineer, they basically develop programs that can imitate brain activities. The role of Data Scientist has also evolved with time and companies are now seeking Data Scientists with different levels of expertise in the subject i.e. junior to director.

Now, let’s come to the highest paying AI jobs. As mentioned earlier, Machine Learning Engineer tops the list in this regard. In fact the salary is so high that it has been securing the third spot in Indeed’s reports of highest paying jobs across all industries since last year. In addition to that, the average salary of a Machine Learning Engineer has increased by around $8,409 during the last year.

Following the Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Computer Vision Engineer and Data Warehouse Architect are the highest paying jobs with almost the same pay scale.

The top AI jobs by average salary

A list of cities with high demand for these jobs, was also prepared and is depicted below:
  1. New York, New York
  2. San Francisco, California
  3. Washington, DC
  4. San Jose, California
  5. Seattle, Washington
  6. Boston, Massachusetts
  7. Los Angeles, California
  8. Chicago, Illinois
  9. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
  10. Atlanta, Georgia
The demand for AI jobs outside these cities and even US is high as well, so job seekers shouldn’t be discouraged by this list.

Lastly, it should be noted that there is a concern regarding the increasing demand of AI jobs. Many people believe that AI will take away countless human jobs. However, studies suggest otherwise.

AI is expected to generate more jobs than it will take away. According to the “Future of Jobs” report published by the World Economic Forum last year, AI will kill almost 75 million human jobs by 2022 but will also create 133 million new ones.

It remains to be seen how things turn out in the next 5 years. Perhaps the answer lies in waiting.

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