Facebook is using News Feed Videos to Promote Watch Parties!

Facebook surely knows how to promote its new features among its users. With the rise of Social Media and availability of various platforms, it is better for Facebook to keep evolving if it wants to remain the King of Social Media.

The Social Media Giant, about two years ago, introduced its video service Watch. Since then, Facebook has constantly been working on improving the service and attracting its users to avail it. Free of cost and original programming, in addition to Watch-along parties are just some of the perks being offered by Facebook Watch.

However, the new video service has a long way to go if plans are for it to give YouTube and Netflix a run for their money. For starters, Facebook should use the 2.3 billion+ users on the platform to its advantage. Casual Facebook users who might not be properly aware of Watch need to be educated as well.

It looks like the Social Media Giant had something similar in mind as Matt Navarra recently posted a tweet in which he mentioned Facebook’s recent strategy for promoting Watch Parties, a feature that allows a number of users to watch the same video at the same time and discuss it with each other.

The Social Networking Service is now showing the real time viewers counter (or number of people watching the same video) on News Feed videos, to push its Watch Parties feature. Navarra also shared a screenshot, showing the new strategy being implemented to videos on News Feed.

The new video layout is currently not available to every user across the globe but is expected to be rolled out soon. Stay tuned for further updates.

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