There Is No Need For Quality Filter In Search Results, Says Twitter

Twitter once introduced "Quality Filter" which helped in getting rid of low-quality content or spams on the platform. Now the social media site has decided to remove it from search settings. According to the company, it was creating more confusion among users.

In 2016, Twitter launched the quality filter, saying that it would let users have improved control over their Twitter experience. The aim of the feature was to hide tweets and notifications from spammers, bots and also to protect against harassment.

While explaining the settings, the company said after enabling the Quality Filters, several signals were used to better the quality of Tweets, as by identifying the location and behavior on the platform.

However, Twitter never shared detailed regarding the algorithm that was used to identify low-quality content, and on which basis was it considered low standard.

When announcing the discontinuation of the Quality Filter settings, Twitter explained in a tweet that with time the search has improved on the platform and without any need to additional settings, users get to see the best tweets.

In case a user wants to view best tweets, 'Top' option is available without additional settings and to see more tweets that are current, 'Latest' option is also there.

Though the Quality Filter will be removed from search settings, it would still be available for Notification Tab.

In almost a year, Twitter has tried to counteract abusive and inappropriate tweets by introducing several new tools. When reporting any tweet, specific details can be reported and actions are being taken against fake accounts. Also, the platform is strictly dealing with accounts that have been involved in any abuse.

Photo: AP Photo/Matt Rourke

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