Social Media Managers Heads Up! Facebook is Changing the News Feed Ads

The mobile phone ads in Facebook will soon be altered by the company. With these changes, the size of images and the amount of text will be reduced. Advertisers are considering that it would improve ad copy on the whole, whereas also creating a burden for them.

Previously mobile ads on Facebook showed seven lines whereas now it will only show 3 lines. There is an option to click ‘view more’ in case users want to read more about a particular ad.

Ad photos and videos were in the ratio of 2:3 but now they will resized to a ratio of 4:5. Facebook Business team confirmed the development in an Ads Help Center Page. According to Facebook, this restriction will be functional from 19th August, 2019.
"The changes to text, photos and videos are designed to simplify our formats and improve the consistency of our mobile experience. This will help drive increased ad effectiveness and make it easier to use the same assets on Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed.", explained Facebook.
More advertisers are joining Facebook and the platform is also making its ads more expensive. Recently, the company achieved a milestone of having 7 million active advertisers on the platform.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook said at Cannes that the company is more focused on encouraging small business owners rather than relying on big brands to generate revenues. Advertisers will now have to make more engaging ads than ever before.

Director of creative strategy at Midnight Oil, Jack Appleby said he is looking forward to how Facebook will manage the short copy length. According to him, copywriters will have to create thoughtful copies as it is difficult to fit in all the targets in just 3 lines.

Other marketers, advertisers and social media managers are also interested in seeing whether the new limited content lines will be able to do better in News Feed or not.

Wenograd is more interested in seeing how many users will actually expand the text and not just read the few lines visible by default. Facebook has not yet clarified whether the click to expand text will be considered as “Clicks (All)” on the dashboard of advertisers and can these users can be targeted again on this basis.

Post engagement, for now, includes reacting or commenting on the post, click to view photo or video, clicking the link or sharing the ad.

The reduced image size could be a problem for many advertisers. Images might not be burdensome for all, as usually the focus of the image in the center and cropping from sides will not make much difference.

The real problem will be with videos that have black bars on which creators often write their text or call-to-action. With compressing videos, the most important part of videos can be missed.

Many of the marketers were unaware of these changes and got to know through active social media community. Andrea Cruz said she is not disturbed with the new burden put upon her but many marketers expect to be informed on time so they can review their running strategies.

Cruz is not happy with the transparency of Facebook as no official notification has been send to affected advertisers so far. This seems to be irresponsible behavior from tech giant and could be source of disappointment for other marketers who remain unaware of the changes.

Marketers Heads Up! Facebook is Changing the News Feed Ads Sizes

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  1. Do you think advertisers wil still be able to use square images as ads?

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