Increased Privacy Will Bring Down Revenue Says Facebook, Analysts Disagree

Facebook has been in hot water with what seems like pretty much every major government entity in the world, and it seems like the social media platform is trying to convince people that the added privacy measures it is being forced to take, including the GDPR agreement from the EU, is going to bring down revenue for the company. According to financial experts at Facebook, revenue growth is not much impressive this quarter, and moving into 2020 it seems like revenue is going to keep decreasing.

These comments of concern regarding declining revenue have come from Facebook’s CFO Dave Wehner, but financial analysts that have been consulted regarding these predictions don’t seem too worried. While privacy changes that Facebook is being forced to make in the wake of numerous privacy related scandals and issues along with adjustments to mobile platforms that the social media network is being forced to deal with are certainly going to factors that will have an impact on revenue as well as the overall profit that Facebook manages to make within a given year, financial analysts think that the overall result is not going to be bad enough to make the restrictions and regulations being imposed on Facebook an inappropriate idea all in all.

The main concern for Facebook is that these regulations are going to make the social media platform seem like a less appealing space for advertising, and that brands and marketing agencies who have gotten used to a steady supply of user data from Facebook would not like the sudden dry spell and might turn elsewhere as a result of this fact.

Photo: AP

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