Facebook’s Messenger bids adieu to Instant Games

Introduced back in 2016, Facebook’s Instant Games feature was an integral part of the Messenger app that allowed users to play numerous casual games with their friends. The free game feature was an instant hit and according to statistics, more than 20 billion games were played during the span of over 2 years.

To keep the gaming fanatics interest alive, the library of Instant Games was consistently updated with new and classic games such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Words with Friends, and even UNO. The games also allowed users to interact with each other and included cross-platform support for the convenience of gamers.

However, now Facebook is planning to move the gaming feature out of the Messenger app and integrate it to the Facebooks’ Gaming tab. The transition is expected to take place in several stages, with the first step making Instant Games inaccessible on the new version of Messenger on iOS.

In an official blog post by Leo Oleb, Facebook’s Global Director of Games Partnership, clarified that the users can continue to access games through thread updates and chatbots on Messenger. However, the gameplay itself will only be available on the flagship Facebook app.

Since last year, Facebook is attempting to declutter the Messenger app that is overstuffed with extra features that are overshadowing the prime purpose of the app – to facilitate better communication amongst users. But can it also be a bait to attract more users to the main Facebook app that has been facing slight declination in usage for a few months?

Facebook’s Messenger bids adieu to Instant Games

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