Everything You Need to Know About Your Browser

We use browsers every day, may it be to search for a certain website or to look for a place to eat. In general, we use it merely as a search engine, but do you know that there are a lot of things your browser can do that you’re not aware of? For example, your browser stores your login information which makes your access to certain websites easier as it remembers the last login and password you entered.

Cache and Cookies

These are two types of temporary browser storage which makes the process a lot faster. Cache is a temporary storage of web pages that you previously visited, your browser store these in order to access these sites if you visit them again without getting the original information from the main source. It saves everything from the interface, pictures, videos, audio and text. This is necessary as your browser will take less time to load the page and will demand less processing power from your device or computer.

Cookies on the other hand are bits of information that is stored into your computer or device by the website you visit. Every time you access the website again, your browser sends the cookie information back to the server, this is necessary to notify the website of the user’s previous activity. Unlike cache, cookies have their own expiration and can only be stored for a short period of time, in addition, anyone can block or delete cookies.

WebGL Support

Most browsers nowadays have built in WebGL support which enables them to render pages with 3D graphics without any additional plugins. One of the best examples that utilizes WebGL is the Google Maps where it provides not only the detailed map outline, but also gives you the option to get a good look with the Street View that renders the whole place like you are actually there.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Browser

Another example is the integration of the 3D games that can be played using merely your browser. This has been recently announced as the future of gaming will be the versatility and breaking the barrier of platform restriction. Due to the reason that high quality games are envisioned to be played on a browser, you can expect that all devices capable of opening a browser will be able to play those games.

Push Notifications

It is a way for a website or a mobile application to send information to your computer or phone either via pop-up message, badge or alert even when you are not visiting the site or the application is not in use. There are websites like eLearning companies that utilizes this feature as they need it to follow up on their potential students and clients and they also provide value and benefits for them.

For example, it will save you time and money to build a mobile application. Push notifications of mobile browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other mobile web browsers work the same way and if you want to know more, you can always search for Browser Notifications Guide For eLearning Companies that can further elaborate this feature for you. There are a couple of more advantages in utilizing browser notifications, as they include but not limited to getting casual visitors to get hooked, user conveniency as browser notifications only requires one-click subscription, higher conversion and click-through rates than email and many more. If you have your own eLearning website then it’s best to have this feature.

Drag and Drop Upload

Most websites now provide you the ability to upload your files simply by dragging and dropping them into the browser window. This is a huge update as the old versions only lets you open your internal storage and you still have to browse your folders until you locate the file you need. Since you can now just drag and drop files easily, you no longer have to browse for the file at all which makes uploading more seamless.

One of the benefits of this feature is when you have a huge storage device as we all know that storage nowadays comes with Terabytes as the largest capacity known as of today. With drag and drop feature, you no longer have to search through your entire storage and just easily upload them by dragging and dropping the specific file.

What Internet Users Need to Know About Their Browsers

Playback Videos and Music Without Flash Installed

With the increasing attention and usage of HTML5, a lot of people are now aware that you can now play back videos in MP4 (H.264) WebM and Ogg Theora formats without installing any flash at all. One of the websites that utilizes this is YouTube that offers HTML5 based video playback.

One of the advantages of this is that, this feature is also compatible with mobile phones and that is why this breaks the barrier for device restrictions. Another example are the smart TV that allows you to browse and play YouTube videos without the need to install flash at all.

Other Convenient Plugins

With so many applications now being run using a web browser, they now start to provide plugins that can support these applications. One of them are the plugins for grammar and spell check, normally only word documents have this feature, but since word files can now be opened on a browser they now have this plugin to do spell check and grammar check on everything you type on it.

Another plugin available on browser is the dark mode. Since there are a lot of people now use computers and mobile phones during the night, it is no longer advisable to have the standard look of bright white background whenever you use your device. Browser developers are now cautious with the users eye health and integrated an option to make the background white and just the text will be white instead.

There are still a lot of things that we don’t know what our browsers can do, and the fun fact is that these developers don’t stop on improving the browsers capability in order for their users to be more comfortable in using them. We are just a couple of steps closer in breaking the barrier of device restriction, there will come a time that documents, files, pictures, videos, audio and even video games can now be played across all devices.

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