Researchers To Study Personality Behaviors using phone Accelerometer

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives and even a child knows that it holds a lot of information about us. For the profile of users, information like calls, messages, app usage and location are there in the phone but phone accelerometers also contain essential information.

A research was conducted by the researchers of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) in which tiny sensors (that are usually used to track the movement of the phone, to count the steps) were used to predict personality traits.

Researchers in IEEE computer Society's published a paper, explaining that that the distance covered while walking, time, speed and attending calls at night reveal a lot about a person behavior.

Through these physical activities, researchers determined the personality traits of people. According to them, agreeable people usually do not have a set pattern of events and are busy on weekday evenings and weekends.

A contrast in the sensitive female and male personalities was also determined. Sensitive females daily check their mobile phones, at night too. Whereas, sensitive males do something opposite to this.

Creative and curious individuals do not receive either make many calls, as compared to other people.

Researchers think this data can be utilized when social networking platforms suggest friends when going to connect on dating apps or for creating the targeted advertisement.

People can also use this to know more about themselves and understand their actual situation. However, the study is not entirely foolproof. Only 52 people were sampled in it. In a way, it was a personality survey and not everyone can answer it correctly.

To confirm their theories, researchers are planning to conduct the same study in Australia as well. Also, it is no surprise if companies start using the accelerometer to gather user data, directly or indirectly.

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