Reddit’s new update solves user’s major problem of anonymous followers

Social media platforms have a lot of positive impacts on its users but sometimes these networking hubs can also be a platform of depression and stress for some users. People can be traumatized by creepy followers on these social apps.

Reddit is one of the most popular discussion forum, on this site people have the freedom to share any type of content they like and their users can rate their content accordingly.

The major problem faced by Reddit users

Although over the past years, Reddit helped its users a lot to gain more self-confidence in sharing their stories but this platform also became a space for stalking and harassment. One of the major problems faced by all of the users is the inability to see their followers. Reddit users can only see the number of followers on their profile but don’t know who they are or from where. This is a bit creepy to be able to know about your followers. Having anonymous followers brings the opportunity of stalking and harassment.

New update by Reddit

Recently, Product Manager Mayank Jain, confirmed that the social media site will soon be rolling out a new feature to help users know about their followers. With this new update, Reddit users can know about their followers and a new follower list will only be visible to the account holder not to the others.

With this new update, users can have more control over their followers instead of being blind over the user’s info.

If you are a person who follows multiple users, just be aware that now the people you follow will know about you so follow only if you’re comfortable enough to do that.

Feedback from Users

Although the release of this new update is loved among all but some users are still reporting the platform to do more to stop online harassment by including a tool to block users in bulk who troll online, and also to create an option for users to make any user account unfollowable.

This new update will bring an end to the majority of problems faced by Reddit users but it is just a single step towards a trolling free zone. Reddit needs to bring a lot of updates regarding the blocking features and some other new updates to completely stop online harassment and creation of fake accounts as well.

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