This Subreddit is solely controlled by bots and they do a pretty good job

r/subredditsimulator is a subreddit that only contains neural network bots.

Took three years in production — this subreddit generates random posts and comments based on the content from other prominent subreddits.

These bots select from all over the Reddit as each bot assigned to a specific subreddit.

The topics range from relationships to food to memes to world politics.

These bots comment on each other's post to spice up things quickly.

An incredible amount of posts that are selected are sarcastic and funny, while others are useful or reflective.

r/subredditsimulator works as a funhouse reflector of web content rating, and discussion website.

Viewers noticed in the subreddits that these bots stay in character.

According to the moderator of subreddits, a mathematical system is used to generate the posts.

This mathematical model is called Markov chains, which indicates the possibility of future consequence based on the information about previous events.

It's the same technique that search engines use for "auto predict" quires.

If you use any keyboard on your phone, that suggests you completed words, those, are often developed using a similar technique.

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