Digital Advertisers Are Now After Kids! (Stats Inside)

Let’s go back to our childhood. What are the things that you can instantly think of when you wanted digital entertainment back in those days? Chances are that the answer to this would be only Television. There were limited channels, time and even permission to sit in front of the TV for your favorite shows. However, today nothing is the same anymore.

Kids today enjoy multiple gadgets and mediums of entertainment, which will eventually grow into more big things in the times to come and that is why digital advertisers’ next target is kids.

According to a report by PwC, which is also backed up by SuperAwesome, a kid-focused advertising technology organization, it is expected that digital advertising aimed at kids will grow by 42 percent in the upcoming three years. This in total collection is projected to make 37 percent of all ad dollars aimed at kids in 2021 when compared to 15% of kids advertising back in 2016.

The investment of these ad dollars does seem like a big business opportunity considering how kids have changed their preference in screen time from TV to internet connected devices over the years. But it might just not be as easy as planned.

In order to make this venture successful digital advertisers have to find solutions for expanding subscription based, ad-free platform and digital privacy laws for kids. They will have to clarify legal interpretation of privacy laws, develop tools that will comply with appropriate reforms, and identify the safest ways to advertise to kids on the internet.

The data given below which is based on a market forecast does not include the impact of expanding the international laws to include 13 to 16 years old, neither theses estimates have incorporated the addition of legislation in India or China, which is expected to occur in the near future. If we make the change in age and countries a part of infographic, the current estimates would only expand more.

Chart via: Statista.

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