Google offers increased payouts to security researchers

Every passing second, new technology is being introduced. Customer satisfaction is the core key for any business to succeed, different companies try to provide a variety of services to make its users more dependable on their platform and to grow their business with a variety of new potential customers.

Google is one of the largest platforms that took the internet by storm. People rely on Google for all sorts of services from searching content related to their requirements to using its services to generate revenue. People rely on Google platforms more than any other apps due to its variety of services to its users.

User data protection

One of the major Drawback in any firm is lack of user data protection. Google is trying its best to make its users feel more secured with its advanced security updates. Google is one of the biggest platforms that always provides new updates every once in a while to remove any sort of bugs and flaws from its wide rang of products, including, Chrome and Android.

Google Rewards Programs

Google offers a variety of rewards programs to different products and it pays a huge amount of money to researchers to find security flaws. Google always attempts to bring new features to ease its users with data security threats. Google offers rewards to a variety of researchers to find any security hack in their system and this in return helps Google to secure its users' data more.

Vulnerability Reward Program

This program took place in 2010 and has gained more than 8,500 reports since then. To reward the hard work of people to find bugs in Google’s system, it has paid more than $5 million over the past years and is willing to pay more amount of money in the future with the new rewards.

Reward chart per program

Google is willing to increase the rewards for its Chrome Vulnerability Rewards Program. It is reported that any high-quality report reward is increasing from $15,000 to $30,000 and for the basic program it goes from $5,000 to $15,000. The reward for Chrome Fuzzer Program is also increasing to $1,000. The highest-paid program is for finding a Chrome exploit chain which will pay up to $150,000.

Google Play Security Reward Program is also increasing its rewards to up to $20,000 which is a good time for a security researcher.

How to file a report for a reward program?

Google recently updated its high-quality report requirements which can easily be found on Google’s Application Security Site. If you’re looking for bug category rewards or want to file a report, for that purpose Chromium Bug Tracker can be used.

Google is Increasing Bug Bounty Program Rewards
Photo: AP / Mark Lennihan

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