Facebook to Make Big Privacy Changes After FTC Fine

The Cambridge Analytica scandal changed a lot of things for Facebook. Firstly it changed public perception toward the company, with Facebook going from being perceived as a community builder to a manipulative hoarder of user data. Another major change that happened was that Facebook started to be scrutinized by a wide variety of federal regulatory bodies in America, with the most prominent of these regulatory bodies being the Federal Trade Commission which levied an enormous $5 billion fine to the social media platform. Another stipulation of this penal action taken against Facebook is that the social media platform has to develop a privacy committee that would include third party involvement to ensure that user data is handled in a more responsible manner from now on.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the mind behind Facebook, the FTC fine will lead to some major changes, and Facebook will be striving hard to get things right from this moment onwards. The important thing to remember is that Facebook has been saying things like this for quite some time, so no matter how many times Mark Zuckerberg talks about wanting to get things right there will always be a chance that under the table Facebook will be up to its old tricks without anyone knowing about it. Only time will tell whether or not the fine and other penal actions that have been taken will actually have an impact on Facebook and will lead to some positive changes all in all.

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