Google Docs Rolls Out Account Awareness With New Account Switcher

It is pretty common for people to have multiple Google accounts. For example, you could potentially have an account that is meant for personal use, one account to stay in touch with family members and a separate account for work related purposes.

It’s fair to say that you would probably want these accounts to remain more or less separate. At the very least you are going to want to keep your work account separate, because making edits to work documents on Google Docs, Sheets or Slides using a personal account could be rather embarrassing since it would reveal details about your personal life that you might not want your work colleagues knowing about.

The new update to Google Docs includes a new account switcher, and part of the package is a new “account awareness” tool that is going to tell you what account you are currently using when you have opened up a document to edit it. This will help you quickly switch accounts if you happen to be using the wrong one in a particular instance, something that could save you from a lot of potential embarrassment in the long run.

This is part of Google’s effort to streamline its various properties, similar to the more compact Google Assistant cards that you are soon going to see on Android phones. Google is making its properties smoother, cleaner and overall more cognizant of the average user’s experience which is a heartening sign that may prove to be game changing in the near future.

Now when you open a file, you may see a message that indicates which account is active, and gives you the option to quickly change accounts to ensure you're using the best one. This will help eliminate confusion and ensure you’re using the correct account when contributing to content.

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