Google Assistant Interface to Become More Compact

Google Assistant is just one example of the many digital personal assistants that our smartphones are offering us these days. Earlier this year Google announced that Google Assistant would be seeing a couple of changes and that these changes would help make the application more reliable as well as a great deal more efficient than how it used to be before.

The most immediately apparent change that will be coming your way would involve the interface becoming a lot more compact. What this means is that when you toggle Google Assistant on, it will end up taking up a lot less real estate than it used to previously, making it a little easier for people to use.

Answer cards are going to change a lot as well. Whereas previously when you asked your Google Assistant a question it would result in an answer card that covered your entire screen, the newer answer cards are going to be a lot smaller, only taking up as much space as is required in order to give you an adequate answer to the question that you have asked. This will reveal more of the background app that you are using behind Google Assistant and will turn it into something that is used as needed rather than becoming your main focus while you are using your phone.

According to AndroidPolice, these updates are going to come pretty soon so stay tuned to see how the new Google assistant will help you to get the job done and attain a higher level of efficiency in your day to day activities.

Google Assistant is bringing a better interface ahead of next generation update

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