Facebook now Allows you to Schedule Watch Parties and Live Stream up to 8 hours!

Facebook strikes yet again! You should all be aware of how Facebook and the apps and services it owns are doing everything in their power to evolve and remain ahead of the competition. Through Watch, the Social Media Giant also plans on overtaking the department of video sharing.

Social Media consultant Matt Navarra recently posted a tweet where he mentioned the recent changes to Watch and Live Streaming on Facebook.

Firstly, let’s highlight the Watch update, concerning the Watch Parties feature. In case you are unaware, a Watch Party allows multiple Facebook users to watch along videos and discuss them. Now, Facebook has also enabled the Watch Party videos to be scheduled in advance both in groups and Pages, allowing you to pre-queue the videos to be played in the Party beforehand. To utilize this option, access Watch Party via Create Post and choose Schedule.

The next feature in question is concerned with Live Streaming on the Social Networking platform. Until a short while ago, the maximum time length of Live Stream videos was 4 hours. Now, it has been increased to 8 hours for Desktop and API users. Mobile users can still stream up to 4 hours for now but the possibility of a change shouldn’t be counted out just yet.

According to Matt Navarra, these changes might have been rolled out a few months ago. You are all encouraged to test these updates out and give your feedback on their efficiency. Stay tuned for further updates.

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