Google’s New Fuchsia OS Will Be Compatible With Android Apps

Over the past few years Google has been slowly moving itself away from the Android branding that has made it so popular in the world of smartphone operating systems. This is probably because of the fact that Google is intending to launch a brand new operating system named Fuchsia that will look and feel more high end and will attempt to dismantle the current popularity that Apple’s iOS currently enjoys.

A lot of people have questioned the inevitable move to Fuchsia, stating that Android users are comfortable where they are. While it will give you more variety to choose from as some people might end up preferring Fuchsia to Android, it will be quite confusing for people that want to use the same old apps. Well, these people are in luck because of the fact that Fuchsia will be able to operate Android Runtime, basically any app that runs on Android will work on Fuchsia OS.

This is definitely going to help make the transition process a lot smoother than it would have been otherwise and could potentially create a lot of opportunities for people to switch over once they have become a little more comfortable with the platform.

The launch of a new operating system is going to create a lot of problems for a lot of people. After all, it will take the app market for that operating system quite some time before it is fully developed and brought to a point where it will be able to compare to Android as well as the Apple App store. This Android app compatibility is going to help people consider Fuchsia in the first place, whereas they might not have been all that keen on the platform before this announcement was made by Google.

Google's Fuchsia OS will be able to run Android apps
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