Google explains the changes implemented to search results

In a latest announcement, Google’s Danny Sullivan explains the nitty gritty of how the search engineers implement changes.

According to the blog post, Danny Sullivan claims that Google has been making lots of changes for a few years. In fact, the search giant made over 3,200 changes to its algorithms in the last twelve months alone. However, no changes are made through manual intervention – says Sullivan.

He explains that making manual changes to each search is not possible as they receive trillions of searches each year. Instead, they make modifications to the algorithm that automatically applies to a broad range of similar searches.

The process of making changes to search results follows the below protocol:

· Pinpoint areas of improvement

· Figure out a solution

· Thoroughly test the proposed solution

· Analyze whether the solution provides better results

· Roll out the amendments

When the changes are implemented to the search results, Google considers insights from human experiments to assess whether the changes are successful.

Sullivan also said that changes to organic search results take time. This is because identifying the root cause of the ranking issues takes time and the changes cannot happen overnight. However, he assures that being in the industry for more than 20 years has taught them to be committed to the challenges and work on ways to make searches better.

Similarly, if a featured snippet violates Google polices, upon reporting, search team will remove it. However, that particular website/page will not be removed from Google's search listings.
"Information from the Knowledge Graph is meant to be factual and is presented as such. However, while we aim to be as accurate as possible, our systems aren’t perfect, nor are all the sources of data available. So we collect user feedback and may manually verify and update information if we learn something is incorrect and our systems have not self-corrected. We have developed tools and processes to provide these corrections back to sources like Wikipedia, with the goal of improving the information ecosystem more broadly."
Check out the announcement by Sullivan here for complete information on how Google implements the changes to the search results.

How Google keeps Search results relevant and useful
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