Survey: Facebook’s Reputation is constantly declining, Apple and Google are also in the list

Facebook has been under fire since long for one reason or another. This has greatly damaged the reputation of the social media platform, according to the latest survey conducted by Harris Poll, along with Axios (which is based 18,228 Americans).

Other tech giants like Google and Apple has also faced a decline in their overall reputation, but the graph of Facebook is much lower than any other company. This is expected because of the recent back to back privacy disasters.

Facebook's reputation is sinking fast

Some of the major controversies of Facebook include the Cambridge analytics scandal. There also have been charges of biases related to anti-conservatives, misuse of information during the electoral process, misinformation, harassment issues, security breaches and other privacy risks and scandals.

Though in 2013, the Harris poll showed the decline but in recent times the bar has dropped even lower, representing its reputation. It scores the least in gaining the trust of users, ethics, and citizenship. Google and Apple have also been on the decline but still, the damage is not as severe as of Facebook.

2019 Fastest Rising and Falling Reputations

On the other hand, Amazon has also come to the second position, from the first position, this too because of privacy problems. Despite this the downfall is not much, this could be because the e-commerce store expectations are different than other social platforms.

Facebook has faced a decline in reputation but their has not been much effect on the platform, like the number of users have not majorly decreased or anything. But maybe there is less trust on the social site, and people share less than they used to or spend less time. If things continue the way, it is expected that the platform may prove to be problematic.

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