Facebook's Q2 2019 revenue result is Highly Impressive with Significant Growth in Monthly and Daily Active Users!

Over the past few years, Facebook has been in hot waters for various scandals and has just received a whopping $5 billion fine from the FTC for data privacy violations. However, it then proceeded to publish the Q2 2019 revenue result which was a strong $16.8 billion in terms of advertising revenue, in addition to an increase in active users.

In terms of active users, the monthly active user count is now 2.41 billion and the Asia Pacific region has recorded the strongest audience growth.

Facebook now boasts 2.41 Billion monthly active users

The number of daily active users has also increased significantly and is now 1.59 billion, an increase of 8% year-over-year.

There are not 1.59 billion daily active users on Facebook

In India, there has been an impressive rise in Facebook audience and in around 4 years, the number of Indian Facebook users has nearly doubled to over 300 million. With its Libra cryptocurrency, the Social Networking Giant can only make things better for itself in the Asian markets.
"Mobile advertising revenue represented approximately 94% of advertising revenue for the second quarter of 2019, up from approximately 91% of advertising revenue in the second quarter of 2018.", explained report.
Even after such strong results, there is a concern that Facebook has been recording less usage lately, despite of continuous login sessions.

According to TheInformation Magazine, Facebook’s main app is at the verge of facing existential crisis, unless it prevents users from posting more frequently on Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. This was determined by Facebook’s own internal data science researchers. It can be argued that Facebook owns the above mentioned platforms as well so it shouldn’t make any difference as long as users keep on posting. However, the advertising systems don’t second that argument.

As mentioned above, the revenue result Facebook posted for this quarter is $16.8 billion.

So, it can be said that Facebook is at the highest point of its career in terms of generating revenue. Although the above mentioned concern of users getting more engaged to Facebook’s other platforms is looming over, the Social Media Giant is more than capable of address such issues and ensure that its business operations adapt to the change and expand with time.

Facebook still gets most of its income from Europe and North America but it has shown strong signs of earning big from the Asia Pacific market as well and a more viable change shall be noticed in the next couple of years. Facebook's average global revenue per user number is also going steady, in Q2 of 2019 Facebook earned approximately $7.05 per user.

Facebook's average global revenue per user - statistics

Even if Facebook’s growth faces a decline in the key markets, there is a strong indication that it will be able to compensate the loss in some shape or form by continuing to grow in new markets.

Overall, the report reflected Facebook’s efforts in addressing its key concerns and at the same time establishing a framework for long-term growth. There are concerns in regards to overall usage and privacy measures. However, the Social Media Giant is at such a point now that it can deal with such things within its business operations, without encountering a significant loss.

What matters the most is that Facebook is still the king of Social Media and is showing all signs of going upwards from here on.

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