Facebook Takes Steps to Make Workforce More Diverse

Workplace diversity is an issue that is starting to become a lot more prominent, and companies like Facebook are starting to take steps that would ensure a more equitable hiring policy that would result in a more diverse workforce that would consist of people from all kinds of backgrounds. That being said, in spite of the fact that Facebook has vowed to make its workforce more diverse, over the past year it really hasn’t done all that much and its workforce has the same lack of diversity that it had back in 2018.

Facebook has now revealed new plans that are going to remedy this situation. Globally it plans to double the number of women that are working for the social media juggernaut, with slightly different goals set for the United States. While the doubling of the female workforce is going to be a goal that Facebook will trying to meet in the U.S. as well, its local offices are going to double the number of Hispanic and Black employees that it currently has.

These are certainly admirable goals and companies like Facebook really do need to work hard to promote more diversity especially when it comes to hiring people from underrepresented groups. However, while these goals may have been established, they are really only going to have an actual positive impact on the world if Facebook actually implements them. The social media company has vowed to have at least half of its workforce from underrepresented groups including disabled people as well, so only time will tell whether or not they will actually go through with what they are saying they are about to.

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