Facebook Comes up with a Master Strategy to Drive its Users Towards Watch!

Ever since Facebook launched its video service Watch nearly 2 years ago, it has been pushing it pretty hard. Video content is untouchable currently and to maintain its status as the king of Social Media, Facebook realized that it had to cater to this demand of its audience as well.

Over the past several months, a number of intriguing features have been rolled out for Watch including Watch Parties, Original Programs, more Monetization options etc. However, there is a lot of work that needs to be done if Facebook plans on giving services like YouTube and Netflix a run for their money.

With over 2.38 billion users, it can be assumed that Facebook can easily get its viewers to avail Watch section. However, that’s not the case and there is still a large chunk of Facebook user base who either stay away from Watch or are unaware of it.

Facebook has taken measures to bring awareness to the service. The latest one (shared by Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra and Kevin Tiedgen) will let Facebook show their users how many of their friends have viewed a Watch video. This approach will definitely urge users to check out that particular video.

Navarra also shared a screenshot of a Watch video where it can be seen next to the reaction count how many friends of that user have viewed the same video.

Facebook now shows how many of your friends viewed a video ins Watch section. An effective ‘Social proof’ technique to nudge you into watching more content.

It’s still unclear if this feature is available generally or just to a limited number of users. You are encouraged to try it on your devices. Even if it’s not available yet, it shouldn’t take long considering how effectively this approach can drive users towards Watch.

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