Stats Show That 40% of iPhone Users Are Ready To Switch To Android, Only If Its Free! (Infographic Included)

If you look around yourself, there is a high probability that majority of people own either Microsoft or Android. Although Apple has always been in the race but guess what? They seem to be moving forward in a league of their own, like always. In fact, if we look at the statistics related to brand loyalty battle between Apple, Microsoft and Android, the data shows some massive surprises as well.

In one of the latest reports by Best of Brands on Signs, Microsoft Windows has been the undisputed king of desktop market for years with 88% shares (compared to Apple's 9%). At the same time, even Android beats Apple in mobile OS market by a share margin of 72% when stand head to head with Apple’s 28%.

However, things take a drastic turn as soon as we analyze the Google searches. Apple is the leader in this category if we take figures of 50 states around the United States. Here they lead by 73% to Microsoft’s 27%.

The research continued with more good news for Apple fans when Signs released the results of their survey done on 1000 Americans with a question on their Apple vs. Microsoft preferences. In computes, only 35% of Mac users said that they would switch to PCs, if they are offered for free - 49% simply said no while 15% were confused. On the other hand, when PC users were asked about a free Mac, 53% were too excited to say Yes to it - 32% refused and 15% remained undecided.

The real deal began when users were blatantly asked about their preference in between iPhone and Android, if they get a chance to switch brands for free mobile device, 40% of iPhone users agreed, while 44% said they would not. In the meanwhile, 51% of Android users were too straight up to ask an iPhone for free and still 34% replied with a strict no.

Apple in recent years is now preferring to become a user-centered company and these stats show why they need to be that way. The competition is stiff and innovation is not the only thing that users want these days. That being said, the debate is still on with a final verdict that Apple’s era will still prolong.

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