LastPass, KeePass, Dashlane, TrueKey: 10 Best Password Management Tools

Why internet users need a password manager application to protect their applications and accounts? Well, with the new wave of cyber attacks and crime, it has become necessary for everyone to keep their accounts safe at all costs. From social media apps to bank accounts, protecting them have become really important but remembering so many passwords is really a huge task. This is where password manager software plays their role. To spare the burden and pain, the password manager software help the person to remember all of their passwords and manage them accordingly.

How Password Manager Works?

Long gone is the time when people use to write down their passwords on the piece of paper. It demanded more efforts as losing that piece of paper meant losing a whole lot of your data. The password manager secure the credentials in an encrypted form and can provide them when they are required.

Password Manager Types

Generally, there are three types of password managers,

Number One: Those apps that are easily installed on your system and can store local data.

Number Two: Web-based password managers that store data on cloud servers

Number Three: Specially designed hardware that stores passwords

Check the top 10 password managers for 2019 and start managing your applications effectively!

Best Free Password Manager Applications 2019:

1. LastPass

LastPass, one of the top names among famous password managers for Windows. It helps in storing the password details on the cloud servers and is capable of importing data from the web browsers on your computer.

One can easily find the LastPass extensions on Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and many more. The one reason that makes this utility one of the best free password manager is its longstanding in the digital world.

Some special features that LastPass is offering are the auto form filling to save some precious minutes at the time of registration; Two-factor authorization for better and tight security; Automatic password capture and secure notes for protecting and storing social security numbers, bank account numbers etc.

2. KeePass

KeePass is usually famous to be a Windows desktop software but it is easily available on Linux and macOS as well. The usernames and passwords of a user are stored in an encrypted form in KeePass. The software supports the import and export of information in the form of HTML, XML, and CSV etc.

Despite being one of the top password managers, it has some limitations related to the available features. However, two factors authentication, autofill etc. can be easily found on the KeePass.

Some of the special features of the application include plugins to extend functionalities, combination of key file and master password, options to create password groups and no installation required.

3. Sticky Password

Sticky password is yet another famous password manager software that is available for MasOS, iOS, Android and Windows devices. The features that are included in the software includes support for biometric, autofill form filling, two-factor authentication and password management.

By paying some fees, the user can also get some additional features such as cross-device sync, cloud backup and much more.

Sticky Password is an easy software that can store credentials and payment details of the user. It is one of the most used app as it allows the user to sync data through local WiFi (an essential feature for those who do not like to do it over cloud).

Some of the essential features of this app includes support for 16 browsers, excellent password generator tool, option to share password securely, and encrypted vault.

4. RoboForm

Just like other mentioned password manager apps, RoboForm is also free and is available for multiple platforms such as MacOS, Android, iOS and Windows.

RoboForm offers single click logins, unlimited passwords and much more to the customers. It boasts a paid version in which multiple other additional features can be bought such as cloud sync.

RoboForm is one of those apps that also help you predict the strength of your passwords. Operating RoboForm is also easier due to its feasible interface.

Some of the special features of RoboForm includes folders for managing passwords easily, auto capturing of password, strong search functionality, and offline access to passwords.

5. Dashlane

The best thing about Dashlane is that it uses AES-256 bit encryption methods and has the capability of storing the credentials manually.

Dashlane consist of digital wallet that is one place to save the details of your payment details, credit cards and debit cards.

Just like other software, it also includes some auto filling features, two-factor authentication and much more.

One of the drawback of Dashlane is that it can store unlimited passwords BUT only on one device. The customers can always check their premium options.

Some of the special features of this app are emergency contact option, strong password generator tool, sharing passwords with friends and family without revealing and secure notes.

6. TrueKey

TrueKey is a simple yet an amazing software that helps in storing credentials and passwords for Android, iOS and macOS.

It has several features including fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, two-step verification and much more.

One of the drawback of TrueKey is that it does not allow to save more than 15 passwords in its free version.

It also has a digital wallet and password generator to store the personal information in an encrypted manner.

Some of the special features of this software include importing passwords from another password manager software, comes under McAfee and multiple authentication methods.

7. LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce gives more options to the users as compared to any other password manager software. For instance, it gives two-factor authentication options, cross-device sync, digital wallet, secure password sharing etc.

It’s free version also enables the user to add a beneficiary in case something happens to the user.

Some special features include automatic password changer, emergency access with photos, password-less access using fingerprint or photo logic and much more.

8. Symantec Norton Identity Safe

The software stands out among other password manager software is that it does not come with a paid version.

One click logins are extremely easy with the help of this software and the software allows the user to fill web forms in the easiest manner.

The login credentials can be easily imported and exported. The software also comes with a password generator tool but it might not be used so much due to very few updates.

Some special features of the software include automatic password changer, safe web feature and complex password generator.

9. Enpass Password Manager

This software can easily support Chrome OS, macOS, Android etc. The free version of this software includes fingerprint support, web form autofill, cloud backup and many more.

The users do not have to pay anything if they are using Enpass Password Manager on Linux, Windows or macOS. The one downside of the software is that it only allows 15 passwords for Android.

Some of the special features of the software include segregation of password vaults, time-based one-time passwords, used SQLCipher 256-bit AES encryption engine etc.

10. Keeper

One feature of this software is this friendly interface which exceeds in terms of excellence and feasibility when compared to other software in the list.

The downside of the software is that it does not label the features that are paid and those that are not paid, which needs further improvement.

It can be easily operated on iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It helps in storing login credentials along with other important stuff such as your photos.

Some of the special features include user-friendly interface, unlimited number of passwords and payment details and built in password audit tool.

Is it Healthy to Use Password Managers?

Yes, it definitely is! The top 10 software of 2019 are mentioned in the list that are reliable and can help users to store their passwords in a secure manner.

Some of these password managers are free and some are paid but mostly all of them come with a free version. The one advantage of free version of these software is that you can easily switch from one software to another.

Always remember to delete your data before switching to another password even if it is paid.

Chrome’s Built-in Password Manager

Everyone who uses Chrome is aware of the constant pop-ups by Chrome asking you to save your password. Well even if the password manager by Chrome looks promising, it can easily expose all your passwords without much efforts.

You can easily view the login credentials in the Settings > Manage Passwords. So if someone with even the basic knowledge of PC logs into your computer then even they can break the code!

Ask Yourself If You Need a Password Manager!

If you are one of those people who forgets their passwords all the time then definitely you need one password manager.

Using password manager is a safe option even if you don’t forget your passwords so easily.

The list can help users to choose from top 10 software managers of 2019!

Bonus infographic:

Will Your Password Be The Next To Be Compromised? (infographic)

Looking for a best password manager app? Here 10 Free Password Managers For 2019
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