Joining a Facebook Group will now Require Users to Answer Various Types of Questions and Agree to the Group Rules! [Updated]

Facebook Groups have gained a lot of prominence in the last few years. There are now groups for everything from entertainment to educational and professional purposes. For example, a group dedicated to a TV show can be created for all the fans of that particular show to discuss about it. Similarly, a group can also be created for students enrolled in the same course in a college.

Thus, with extensive uses come more responsibilities. The groups need to be managed properly and the Admins must make sure that all group rules and policies are being followed. In addition to that, it is important for groups to add only the right people.

For these purposes until now, Admins had the option to test the users before they could approve their requests to join. The test comprised of multiple descriptive questions relevant to the group’s theme. For the rules and regulations, a pinned post was prepared.

However, Facebook is now making things easier for Group Admins. In addition to questions requiring written answers, Admins can now ask multiple choice and checkbox questions for ensuring that the right people get approval to join their group.

As for the rules, Admins will have a toggle available along with the Membership Questions, that will allow them to include the group rules and regulations and members would have to agree to the rules. Filter options have also been spotted, allowing Admins to filter the requests based on multiple factors including Profile Type, Questions, Rules etc.

The news of this beneficial Group feature was shared by Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra, who also included screenshots to show this feature in action. It remains to be seen how Social Media Managers react to this change after incorporating it into their groups.

Update from Facebook Community Education Blog:
To help make it easier for admins to review responses from potential members and grow their group, we are adding more format options to membership questions. Now, admins will be able to ask not only open-ended questions, but also single-answer multiple-choice questions and multiple-answer checkbox questions. Admins will also be able to set up rules agreements that will ask members to agree to their group rules before submitting their membership request.
To set up these new formats of membership questions on desktop:
Go to your group on desktop and click Member Requests. From there, click the gear icon labeled Settings. Type in the custom questions you would like to ask potential members. Once you create your membership questions, you or other admins can edit or remove them at any time.
To set up these new formats of membership questions on mobile:
Go to your Group Settings on your mobile device. Tap on “Pending Member Questions”. Add or edit your membership questions. These new enhancements are available on desktop and mobile. We're beginning to test these features with a small number of groups and will continue to roll it out in the coming weeks. Click here for more general information about membership questions.
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This post was originally published on 29 June 2019.
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