Will TikTok Succeed in Attracting Marketers with its new Ad Targeting Options?

TikTok is exploring new opportunities to attract advertisers by giving an interest-based ad targeting option, letting brands reach a certain segment of the platform’s young audience.

According to Digiday, TikTok is testing two ways; interest-based targeting and pixel tracking, the same ad tools used by other social media platforms (including Facebook). Other than this, it will also allow the basic targeting on the basis of age, gender, geographical locations, operating system, etc.

Digiday revealed that agencies are being contacted by sales leaders of TikTok, informing about the self-serve ad platform’s release of the beta version.

The short-form video app has been working on to categorize the interest of its audiences with the help of video image recognition and user engagement. Pixel tracking is also being used to create more specific categories.

Like Snapchat’s Shoppers Categories, TikTok as well is planning to divide its targeted audience into groups, as ‘Football fans’, ‘Automotive Enthusiasts’, etc.

TikTok promptly became popular, with over a billion downloads so far. In 2018, around 663 million users downloaded it, as per the Sensor Tower’s data.

There are almost 500 million active users on the app. 42% of the revenue is generated from the North American market, as it is increasingly becoming popular among Americans, and on average 46 minutes are spent by its users on a daily basis.

Brands and Publishers are showing much interest in TikTok trends and ByteDance, the parent company of the app is responding to their demands and needs rapidly.

Though TikTok is considered for a specific kind of audience, it is much preferred to try out the new opportunity in the market. It is hard to guess whether it would stay for long in mainstream or fade away like other apps of its kind. Still, it is worth trying what it has to offer.

Will TikTok Succeed in Attracting Marketers with its new Ad Targeting Options?
Photo: Avishek Das/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
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