Many Publishers are on board the TikTok Hype Train but what does it mean for the Future of the Media App?

Bytedance’s media app, TikTok, has taken over the world by storm. It is used by almost everyone from video makers to ad agencies and tech employees in the most developed countries these days. It transitioned into TikTok from last year. Aware of the app’s rampant success, publishers are also looking forward to utilize the app to their advantage.

The big deal about TikTok is that it appeals to younger audience. As per the recent reports, 6 of the 10 monthly active TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24 years in USA. In addition to that, the engagement factor is pretty high, averaging around 46 minutes per day for every user. Although, there isn’t any method for publishers to enable monetization on the app yet, they are willing to test it out.

Until 2 months ago, NBC News’ Snapchat show, “Stay Tuned” had already posted 28 videos on TikTok, with each video featuring one of the show’s three hosts. The videos featured news as well as fun challenges.

ESPN too hopped on the bandwagon a few weeks ago. ESPN’s TikTok’s are quite creative, featuring sports analysts in different attires as well as crossovers between imaginary Pokeballs and real-life basketball players.

When approached by Digiday, NBC News refused to leave a comment about its strategy and goals on the short-video hosting platform.

A spokesperson at ESPN said that although it will take time and cost resources for the publishers to make their mark on the platform, many are willing to give it a try, mainly due to the abundance of audience. ESPN’s aim is to post “fun” videos for users to enjoy.

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Advertising, a prominent source of revenue for Social Media apps, has a limited scope on TikTok currently. However, a biddable option will undergo beta testing next week and if everything goes well, it will be made public within the next couple of months. This can surely mean great things for the monetization plan.

Recently, iHeartRadio made its return to TikTok after a few years’ absence in order to promote the iHeart Music Awards.

Companies, mainly media ones, are quite swift normally in joining different platforms for the betterment of their products/services. However, a number of companies haven’t joined TikTok yet. Moreover, many Publishers such as BuzzFeed and CNN aren’t even verified on TikTok. Thus, a considerable amount of work has to be done for making the platform suitable for publishers and entertainment content.

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