Amazon Introduces ‘StyleSnap’ in Competition to Pinterest Lens

Pinterest have been trying to establish itself as an e-commerce platform, but the leader of the market, Amazon is in no mood let anyone take over.

At re:MARS 2019 conference of Amazon, the company introduced an in-app tool, StyleSnap. This will let users capture a picture or upload a screenshot of any clothing item onto the system, and through image recognition tech, it will show products that match it.
"Think about the last time you were inspired to try a new look – from a cute tie-dye top you saw on Instagram, to a celebrity sporting a couture dress in the latest issue of “Vogue.” Later, when trying to come up with the best words to describe the look, you discover that you are not a poet. You struggle to find the right words to explain the shape of a neckline, or the spacing of a polka dot pattern, and when you attempt your text-based search, the results are far from the trend you were after. At the re: MARS 2019 conference today, Amazon announced a feature that solves this very problem.", explained Arun Krishnan in a blog post on Amazon.
Amazon while sharing details said that the upper-right corner of the Amazon app has a camera icon. Click/tap it and select the ‘StyleSnap’ option and then upload a picture of the desired look you want.

Amazon Introduces 'StyleSnap' To Compete With Pinterest

StyleSnap will show all the related recommendations available on Amazon. These recommendations are based on many aspects like price range, brand or reviews by customers.

This is much like the Pinterest Lens tool that the e-commerce giant is replicating. It is expected that it might not turn out to be a popular feature on Amazon as the platform already has the trust of its consumers.

It is a part of Amazon’s collaboration with Snapchat, where users can scan items such as shoes or jacket and find the related products on Amazon.

Pinterest recently announced its IPO, another way to empower its business tools. This does not lower the risk of big companies taking over by introducing their own similar tools and give smaller players of the market tough time.

It is yet to see whether Amazon will succeed in taking away the limelight from Pinterest, but it surely has raised the alarms for Pinterest regarding its potential growth in the market.

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