Google AdSense is Modernizing Its Ad Network with Several New Changes

Google’s major source of revenue has been advertising, and now the company has introduced important changes to its AdSense publishers. Google is now advancing its advertising product by getting rid of old text-only ads, making every unit responsive, etc.

Some of the AdSense users were informed in April about these developments whereas, many publishers were now officially informed about improvements in Google AdSense ad units, through an email.

To improve user experience, Google is introducing rich ad formats and will be discontinuing text-only and display-only ad units. Text-ads and display ads only will now be merged and be converted to “Display Ads”.

All ad units will now be Responsive by default (means they'll adjust/adopt to different screen sizes on mobile and desktop for better user experience) but still, publishers will be able to set customize the size of their ad units. “Text and display ads” will not have text ad styles, instead will be optimized by Google in the coming months.

“If no ads available” option will now be removed and will show just a blank space or there will be no space at all. It will help in improving the quality of ad networks and make it secure by eliminating malicious ads.

Google said in an email that they are keen to know about the interest of users in ads and how ads can be more attractive. This is why ads formats are often changed.

Ad types also face some changes, as text-only ads are phasing out along with display-only units. All types of ads will now be served from now “Display Ads only” ad units.

Ads styles will no more be possible as “text & display ads” ad units will no longer be available. Text ad styling will now be Google-optimized including for the existing ads, however, native ads can be used to improve user experience.

Obsolete Ad unit experiment will be removed in the coming weeks, along with the experiments reports from the Reports tab. Whereas, the other experiment types and aggregated metrics could be seen in the experiment details page.

AdSense account holders will be barred from changing ad code type to synchronous. However, ad code can be manually updated to synchronous with the help of official Help Center page.

Google has also asked for feedback regarding the recent changes.

Google AdSense announced several Minor Changes, Including Removing Text-Only Ads

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