Microsoft Planning to Introduce a new OS, which would let Users access their Android Devices via PC and much more!

Looks like big things are in store for Microsoft as the corporate VP of consumer and device sales, Nick Parker discussed about the some of the future plans at Computex in Taipei a couple of days ago. The discussions about the company’s future OS plans (including a new operating system) were quite interesting and a number of exciting developments were hinted at as well.

Parker said that a set of “enablers” and “delighters” would come with the future OS, which will handle seamless updates, default security, and things relating to performance and connectivity. A new and improved OS was also hinted at, with exciting features such as cloud-connectivity and a number of ways to input data such as touch, voice, pen and (quite impressively) GAZE, associated with it.

Cognitive recognition services were also mentioned. Features that have got people talking are the ones which would allow users to access their Android devices with the help of PC mouse and keyboard after coupling them. Usage will be via WiFi or LTE network.

It looks like Microsoft is preparing big things for its OS and is willing to step out of its comfort zone. Despite of that, some of the above mentioned features would still be integrated within Window proper.

Additionally, the company also revealed its plans for introducing a new version of Windows 10, expected to roll out as soon as next year. Therefore, it is an exciting time to be a Microsoft user (if you are one) and things surely look promising, if the new features manage to justify the hype surrounding them. Stay tuned for further updates.

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