How to Make Money as a Writer (Infographic)

You can easily earn money as a freelance writer if you have the skills, the determination, and the right information. While the skills and the determination as a writer are up to you, we can definitely help you with some good information, including how you can make money as a writer. There are certain avenues you can take, and you should be open to the many possibilities. The following infographic by Global English Editing will show you the way.

First of all, how much can you make as a writer, and how does this job compare to other freelance jobs? The average salary of writers and authors in the United States is $50,837, while a web developer can make an average of $88,488 in a year. A bookkeeper earns an average of $34,677 in a year. You may have been expecting a lower average yearly salary for writers, but contrary to popular culture, writers do not necessarily have to be starving all the time.

While it will be helpful for you to specialize in a niche, such as in a particular area of expertise (like technical writing for the solar industry, for instance) it is also a good idea to be able to work in many areas and to have a diverse set of skills. If you are able to do technical writing and copywriting, for example, these two skills together can come in handy for certain jobs that may come up in the future.

Copywriting is an area where writers can make some good income. In a nutshell, copywriting is the creation of written material that can convince people to take an action. The successful copywriter can create engaging, convincing prose to inspire people to be interested in something, whether that may be a service, a product, or company. Copywriters write website material, brochures, pamphlets, commercials, billboards, emails, ad campaigns, catalogs, etc. Copywriters can work in an agency, or in-house as a part of a large corporation. Freelance copywriters can work from home, or from anywhere they choose to.

The need for digital content has created a demand for content writers who can produce high quality work on the web. Content writing is a branch of copywriting that is based entirely on creating content to be used on the internet.

Blogging has taken the internet world by storm. Nowadays, many companies have their own blog. Many celebrities have a blog. Some people have become celebrities for having a good blog. Why not start your own blog? You can earn money while you are blogging away. How, you ask? You can create ad networks on your blog, as well as private ads, affiliate links, digital products such as e books, and even sell memberships to exclusive areas on your website. Be aware that to make a decent amount of income on ad networks such as Google AdSense, you will need at least many, many visitors to your site. For example, if your goal is to make $100 per day on revenue from Adsense, then you will need approximately 20,000 visitors to come to your website.

Interested in blogging? What kind of blogger would you be? Would you be the part-time professional, the blogger who has a regular job but likes to blog for extra income on the side? Or would you be the corporate blogger who manages the company’s blog and brand content? Would you be the entrepreneurial blogger who blogs to voice your own company’s brand. Perhaps you want to be the professional blogger who blogs full time because the blog is essentially your full time job. Whichever type of blogger you may be, you have the option to generate income on your blog site.

If you love to write articles, you can pitch your ideas to publications and make some cash. Some publications pay better than others, so you have to research which ones are worth your while to work with. Having articles in reputable publications can help you get your name out there.

As writing and editing often come hand in hand, a writer may be able to find work as an editor. Editors can choose to work for newspapers, magazines, online publications, publishing houses, or freelance. The average yearly salary of an editor in the United States is $55,971.

As you can see, there are many options for a freelance writer. It is just a matter of choosing your own adventure.
How to Make Money as a Writer (Infographic)
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