New Research Reveals Users Would Give Up Social Media for Privacy

A new study, based on over 11,800 users, that was recently conducted by Kaspersky revealed something very interesting about the modern internet user. About 38 percent of all internet users would be willing to give up social media entirely if that ended up giving them privacy. The privacy that we are talking about has to do with the data that is obtained from users on a regular basis, which means that a good chunk of internet users would be willing to give up all social media permanently if it would mean that they would be able to get a sense of privacy surrounding their data granted that this privacy lasts the rest of their life all in all.

This shows that a decent number of users value privacy above all else which is interesting because of the fact that the general impression of internet users was that they did not care so much about privacy as long as they got good services in exchange for their data. The tide has shifted and now users think that privacy truly does matter, something that could prove to be important to think about in the coming years as we enter a new age of transparency.

An even more extreme statistic that Kaspersky discovered has to do with smartphones altogether. About one in five respondents stated that they would be willing to give up their smartphone in order to safeguard their privacy for the rest of their life, an extreme move that shows that people are willing to go to great lengths in order to regain the sense of privacy that they might have taken for granted before considering the fact that they didn’t have to worry about such things so much back then.

Some more insights from the study include:

41 percent of users are more worried about their online privacy comparative to their offline privacy.

56 percent users believe keeping personal data completely private on the internet is impossible these days.

25 percent of surveyed users say that they cover their webcams to stay private.

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